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About us

Out of Time

Quality, service and a good and tasty product are of paramount importance at Out Of Time. Our coffee shops are located in the center of Rotterdam (old west) and on Rotterdam South.

For decades, the Out Of Time coffee shops have been known in Rotterdam, but also beyond. This is partly due to our reliability, regularity and the attention we pay to quality. We can tell you everything, but you should judge for yourself! Come neighborhoods, you are very welcome.

Opium Act

Out of Time guarantees and respects the Opium Act. All actions and actions that violate this law will therefore not be tolerated. Would you like to know more about the Opium Act? Then click on the button below.

Addiction treatment

Cannabis use carries risks. Don’t let your life go up in smoke. Do you recognize the symptoms of cannabis addiction in yourself or in a loved one? Do you think you or your loved one has a weed / blow problem? Contact addiction care.

About us

The team

Just as our coffee shops have been around for decades, our team has been around for years. Consisting of loyal and above all friendly toppers, we are at your service at any time of the day. It is therefore no coincidence that we have renamed our employees ‘heroes’. We can tell you everything, but you are best to judge for yourself! Come and get to know us!

Team Out Of Time