Our house rules


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House rules

  • Trade and use of hard drugs is prohibited. Visitors may be requested to show the contents of their bags and (trouser) pockets. In case of refusal, it is assumed that the content is against one of the house rules and the visitor in question must leave the store.

  • It is not allowed to take or move our properties outside. Anyone who causes damage will pay for the costs of repair or renewal.

  • Trade in goods is prohibited (trade in stolen goods is reported).

  • The management is not liable for loss or theft of personal belongings.

  • Out of Time coffee shops use camera surveillance. Persons entering the coffee shops agree to be admitted. (In case of a crime, the recordings can be used as evidence.)

  • No access for persons under the age of 18. All visitors must be able to show identification on request, including regular customers! If false / illegal identification is used to provide entrance and / or soft drugs, the police will be called in immediately.

  • No entry and exit, access will be refused.

Code of conduct

  • The instructions of our personnel must be followed at all times.
  • It is not allowed to double park in front of the business or to park against the traffic.

  • Noise nuisance in the form of music or other noisy behavior.
  • It is not allowed to block the sidewalk with bicycles and scooters.

  • We will deny access in the event of drunkenness, or other annoying and offensive behavior, or failure to perform outwardly according to applicable standards.
  • Discriminatory and / or racist behavior with regard to culture, race or sexual orientation is not allowed.

  • It is not allowed to threaten or mistreat employees or visitors

In case of violation of these rules of conduct, access to our coffee shop may be refused.