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Rules of conduct

  • Upon entering Out of Time coffeeshops, you are familiar with and agree to our house rules. 

  • No entry for persons under the age of 18. All visitors must be able to show identification upon request, including regular customers! If false/illegal identification is used to provide access and/or soft drugs, the police will be immediately called in. If we suspect that you are selling to minors, you will be denied access.

  • The trade in and use of hard drugs is prohibited. Visitors may be asked to show the contents of their bags and pockets. If refused, it is assumed that the content violates one of the rules of conduct and the visitor in question must leave the premises. 

  • We sell a maximum of 5 grams per person, per day. it is prohibited By law to be in posession of more than 5 grams of cannabis. we reserve the right to check if you comply by this rule.

  • The coffeeshop closes at 10:00 pm and all visitors need to be outside at that time. Arrive on time to prevent disappointment.

  • Trading in or from the premises, in any form, is strictly prohibited. 

  • It is not allowed to move or take our property outside. Those who cause damage will  be held responsible for the repair costs or renewal.

  • Out of Time coffeeshops assumes no liability for loss or theft of personal property. 

  • Out of Time coffeeshops use camera surveillance 24 hours a day. Persons entering our coffeeshops agree to be recorded. footage can be shown to third parties in case of emergencies.  

  • Walking in and out is prohibited. 

Code of conduct

  • The instructions of our staff are to be followed at all times. Please also address complaints or misunderstandings, we always think in terms of solutions. 

  • It is not allowed to violate any of the applicable traffic rules.  

  • Loud noise disturbance by music or other loud behaviour is not allowed. 

  • It is not allowed to block the sidewalk with bicycles and scooters. 

  • Drunkenness, or any other annoying and offensive behavior, or not taking care of oneself according to the applicable standards, is forbidden. 

  • Discriminating and/or racist in any form is not allowed. 

  • It is not allowed to threaten or abuse employees or visitors. 

  • Please keep in mind our neighbours after visiting Out of Time coffeeshops. Leave  the street quitly, taking into account other approaching visitors. Please obey the traffic rules and do not leave any garbage on the street. 

Violation of these rules of conduct may result in denial of access to our coffeeshop.